Foot Rockers and Mat

Our Foot Rockers get your feet moving for health and comfort. They offer relief from prolonged, inactive sitting by encouraging a gentle rocking of the feet, which uses most of the lower leg muscles to increase healthy circulation. All of our Foot Rockers also raise the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back.

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Making movement at the workstation simple, our dynamic Foot Rockers and Monarch Mat are designed to maximize comfort while promoting an active workspace. Our Foot Rockers raise the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back and encourage gentle rocking, which uses the lower leg muscles to increase circulation and boost energy.

Ideal for sitting and standing applications, our Monarch Mat disperses pressure, increases circulation and provides long-lasting comfort for today’s active professional. Throughout the day, the mat adapts to all movements and encourages regular activity and sit/stand utilization.

Both solutions were designed to be simple to use, look elegant in any space and promote health and well-being.