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Clean Sweep Assessment


Humanscale’s ‘Clean Sweep’ Training and Assessment Program combines ergonomics training sessions with individualized workstation assessments. This approach is the most cost-effective means of improving employee awareness of ergonomics while maximizing worker comfort and reducing injury risks. The following three versions of the program are offered.

Program Options

Basic Program

In this program, organizations can choose between formal sessions of ergonomics training or informal ‘gather-round' style training. Following the session, our consultants conduct an ergonomic assessment of each employee's workstation, and adjustments are made to the existing equipment to improve comfort and to mitigate postural risks -- each assessment is 5-10 minutes per person. A meeting is held at the end of the assessment period to discuss site trends and improvement strategies.

Standard Program

Our standard program expands to include documentation and data analysis of all individual workstation assessments. A one-page checklist is completed for each employee that records discomfort information, postural risk factors, and existing equipment challenges. We then utilize our proprietary software tool to produce a comprehensive deliverable summarizing overall site trends and recommended follow-up steps for each employee. Workstation assessments require approximately 15 minutes per employee. In a full business day, each ergonomist is typically able to train and assess 20-25 employee workstations.

Advanced Program

Our advanced program extends our standard offering to include full program implementation. We use a robust online pre-assessment survey to collect tasks and discomfort data. Following employee assessments, we make an additional site visit to assist with the implementation of any required workstation changes. Our team administers a post-assessment survey 4-6 weeks after the initial intervention, followed by a complete pre and post discomfort analysis for each employee. We then create a final report that gauges the effectiveness of the overall program.

Program Components




Office Ergonomics 101 Training Session(s)

Individualized workstation assessment for each employee

Documented assessments for each employee with recommendations for improvement plus a written report detailing site trends


Implementation assistance following workstation assessments to ensure workstation enhancements are properly installed and correctly utilized by all employees



Administration of post assessment survey; discomfort analysis and feedback collection



Final report generation




Ergonomics 101: Working Pain & Risk Free

All levels of our 'Clean Sweep' program include sessions of our Ergonomics 101 training program, an interactive one-hour course aimed at increasing employee awareness of ergonomics. Employees are trained on key ergonomics concepts and then shown how to properly configure their workstations for optimal health, comfort, and performance. Attendees learn how to properly adjust their task chairs and position their keyboard and mouse to minimize the risk of developing discomfort. Participants also review guidelines for proper monitor and document placement

Learning Objectives:

  • Dispel commonly held misconceptions
  • Understand the long-term implications of a poor workstation setup
  • Identify awkward postures and learn how to achieve neutral postures
  • Elevate awareness of key ergonomic concepts and adjustment guidelines
  • Learn how to configure any workstation for optimal health and comfort properly

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