Achieving Perfect Ergonomic Balance

A fully ergonomic workstation promotes healthy posture and lowers the risk of injury.

Office tools work together to promote comfort and movement during the work day, while minimizing the risk of pain and musculoskeletal disorders.

Workstation design and configuration are often linked directly to worker discomfort. All workstation configurations will be analyzed and compared to established ergonomic design guidelines. The following technological components are also considered:


  • Your arms and shoulders should be relaxed, with the backrest supporting your upper body
  • Feet should be flat on the floor or a footrest

Tip: The best ergonomic task chairs promote spontaneous movement and offer easy, intuitive operation. Look for a chair that automatically adjusts to your body’s needs with dynamic recline and lumbar support, and armrests that connect to the back of the chair – so they move with you during recline.


  • Position the keyboard 1 to 1.5 inches above your thighs
  • Rest your palms – not your wrists- on a palm support
  • Position your mouse close to the keyboard to minimize reaching, and avoid anchoring your wrist on the desk

Tip: Look for keyboard supports with negative tilt adjustability to keep wrists straight and protect them from injury.


  • Position the task light to the side opposite your writing hand
  • Shine it on paper documents but away from computer monitors to reduce glare

Tip: Task lights provide the right amount of light necessary for viewing hard copy documents while helping to prevent glare and Computer Vision Syndrome. Use of task lighting has been linked to boosts in mood and productivity and allows for lower levels of ambient lighting.


  • Sit/stand desks allow the user to change between postures while keeping monitors and keyboards at the correct angles
  • Choose a desk with easy, one-handed adjustability for an effortless transition

Tip: Ergonomists recommend standing for 15 minutes out of every seated hour.


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