Here’s a shocker: most of us sit more than we sleep.

With long work days a common occurrence for many, plenty of workers are sitting 10 or more hours a day, according to Men’s Journal. So many things happen to our bodies when staying seated for long periods of time. Just think about that lethargic feeling that comes on halfway through your day after your morning motivation is all used up. This is a perfect example of when you need to get up, move around, and get your blood flowing. But don’t just wait until you have a sluggish feeling to move around – make it part of your day!

4 Tips to Create Movement in Your Day

1. Develop a Schedule for Movement Humanscale ergonomists recommend that you stand 15 minutes for every hour you sit. This can improve productivity and posture.
2. Brainstorming Walk To get your creativity flowing, take a five minute walk instead of sitting still while thinking.
3. Stand Up to Wake Yourself Up If you’re feeling sluggish, especially after lunch, stand up to wake yourself up.
4. Clear Your Mind Take a step away from your desk to think about something other than work.