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Did you know: Medication-related errors are responsible for at least one death every day and roughly 1.3 million injuries each year.
In addition to the risk to patient safety, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the cost of medication errors to be $42 billion worldwide — that’s almost 1% of total global health expenditure. Yet the majority of these cases are preventable. Humanscale Medlink The culprits are often poor workflows, overstaffing and inefficient medication dispensing systems. Because healthcare organizations use multiple methodologies to administer medications, it’s easy for mistakes to be made. The utilization of more than one administration method may lead to inconsistencies in dispensing, increased costs, and compromised patient safety.
The Solution
The medical community must unite to create a closed-loop system — meaning the right medication gets administered to the right person at the right time, with the right dose and level of documentation. This may not only help to immediately reduce death due to misdosage, but its implementation may lead the way for improved systems and best practices for medication administration.
Act Now
Medication administration presents a complex set of challenges and as human beings, there will always be the possibility of error. The safest option is to “engineer out” potential errors and injuries by utilizing best practices for design and technology. By using tools that employ automation and safeguards, we can create a safer, more cost-effective healthcare environment.
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Humanscale Medlink
Humanscale Design Studio created MedLink to help caregivers deliver medication and supplies securely and safely. Designed to reduce errors between the time of fill and administration, this medication dispensing system integrates into current workflow methodologies — whether pharmacy fill, ADC or nursing station fill — for unmatched efficiency, security and patient safety. Learn more here.