We’ve joined forces with a group of global corporations to take a major step forward in the fight against marine pollution!

Along with Dell, General Motors, Trek Bicycle, Interface, Van de Sant, Bureo and Herman Miller, Humanscale has helped to found NextWave — the world’s first ocean plastics supply chain and initiative dedicated to keeping plastic out of our oceans.
According to the United National Environmental Programme (UNEP), if current pollution rates continue, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050. NextWave will focus on preventing mismanaged PET, HDPE and nylon from ever reaching the sea, as well as explore opportunities to collect and recycle plastic waste. As one of the founding companies, Humanscale is working closely with Bureo — an organization that shares our vision of a net positive future — to repurpose plastic fishing nets into our seating line. Stay tuned to Humanscale.com for updates! Next Wave Fishing Net “Through our innovative collaboration with Bureo, Humanscale was invited to join NextWave,” said Jon Strassner, Director of Workplace Strategies. “It’s very exciting to be a charter member of such a bold working group. At Humanscale, we are dedicated in our efforts to be a ‘Net Positive’ manufacturer and continue to work to restore and regenerate our planet’s natural habitats. Plastic is getting into our oceans at an alarming rate, whether it’s through ghost fishing gear or neglect in our recycling systems, and this mission is critical.” With the support of these global brands, and fellow founders The Lonely Whale and U.N. Environment, NextWave anticipates to divert more than 3 million pounds of plastic from entering the ocean within five years. Next Wave Fishing Net

“Marine life is being decimated today by our neglect of our ocean’s health,” said Jon. “While NextWave won’t be able to resolve this crisis overnight, we’re committed to finding solutions that make an impact and raise awareness to this global problem.”

Click here to learn how you can help! For more on Humanscale’s sustainability initiatives, visit humanscale.com/Sustainability.