The INTERNET OF THINGS, smaller and faster notebooks, and sweeping changes to corporate IT policies all point to one universal truth: the OFFICE OF THE FUTURE is here. The problem is that most workspaces are stuck in the past. It is important that individual workspace design evolves to support today’s technology needs while also providing a HEALTHY and COMFORTABLE user experience.


The Modern Office

- New IT Policies
- Workplace Intelligence (IoT)
- Hot Desking
- BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

New Organizational Challenges

- Connectivity
- Available Workspace
- Cable Clutter
- Ease of Use
- Comfort

The Solution: Ergonomics

A flexible, flat-panel monitor arm with multi-screen capacity is the best place to start when transforming a traditional workspace into a modern, ergonomic workspace. Cost-effective and easy to install, a monitor arm frees up valuable desk real estate and is a great investment in the well-being of workers.

When Selecting A Monitor Arm

Selecting A Monitor Arm: One-Hand Maneuverability is key, Ensure the arm has a cable management feature, Look for a model with easy installation, The arm Should accommodate a variety of monitor sizes,  Pairing the arm with a USB 3.0 dual-video docking station will keep the desktop completely clean.

Get Comfortable With The Amazing Benefits Of Ergonomics

Happy male worker

Imagine a workspace that fits you like a glove.

  Desktop Set Up Graphic

A cleaner desktop means quick access to all work tools and devices.

  Two coworkers working together at a table graphic

Users with ergonomic workspaces are more likely to be engaged and productive.

  electronic ports graphic

User ports are easy to use while IT port connections are concealed under the desk

  graphic of man at a a comfortable desk setup

Increased comfort for every user.


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