From January 9-12, the dazzling Las Vegas strip was home to more than 3,900 exhibitors, 300 conference sessions, 170,000 people, and technology innovations from around the world at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Visitors were introduced to tech innovations from all business sectors, including the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and the Internet of things (IoT). Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Photo by TechRadar

With smart homes and smart cities abound, the only logical next step is to create smart offices! Humanscale’s booth showcased “Workplaces That Move You,” where guests could explore how technology is reshaping the office. Products like QuickStand Eco, M/Connect 2, and OfficeIQ provided a glimpse at how to create truly connected offices with integration across devices and work tools. Humanscale at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Expanding the limits of what workplace technology is capable of, Humanscale presented work tools that are designed not only to make our lives easier, but healthier. “If things are complicated, they’re never going to be used,” said Jim Kidd, Humanscale’s Sit/Stand Product Director, on the importance of wellness solutions that are seamless for the user. “The user experience has to be simple and purposeful.” Jim joined the panel discussion “Workplace Fitness — Whistle While You Workout” at the Venetian’s popular Fitness Tech Summit to explain how health and wellness is becoming part of the regular work day.

Panels at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Jim was also interviewed for CES 2018 Digital Health & Fitness Live’s video series about the importance of workplace wellness and our latest sit/stand solution — QuickStand Eco. Watch here!



Both Jim and Steve Bender, Humanscale’s Global Managing Director of Technology & Monitor Arms, were interviewed by BeTerrific, a popular content and storytelling forum. Watch here!



Amongst the commotion of the flashy main convention center, this year’s show saw a focus on collaboration and meaningful interactions between guests. Upon entering Polaroid’s space, visitors were given a token to vote on the color of their next camera, as seen below:

polaroid camera


Companies such as Dell and Wired took over existing restaurants to offer weary CES visitors a space to charge their devices, enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and interact with their latest products.

wired cafe at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Photo by @GeraldJWilmink Photo booths were also a hit! Ford snapped boomerangs for guests in exchange for pedaling their bike to power a “Bright City, Bright Future.”


Bright City Bright Future Bike at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Humanscale’s space featured a “Gravity Room” — an innovative photo booth that encouraged visitors to get creative with their poses and hang from the ceilings!

gravity room at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

We’re looking forward to an exciting year and much more to come in the future of technology, work and well-being!